Communications Technology Integrator Seeks Long-Term Relationship

With Valentine’s Day 2017 in the rearview mirror, we’ve read more than our share of relationship articles over the course of the last few weeks. But have you ever noticed that those things that make for a good, romantic relationship also make for a good professional relationship between vendor and client?

Who is the perfect client for our audio visual design and installation experts in Indianapolis, Indiana?

Let’s take a look at the five qualities often described as essential to a perfect relationship

Admit you’re wrong after an argument

Vendors and their customers sometimes find themselves at odds, finger pointing and side-stepping blame. Put the pride aside and own up!

Share household chores

When you live with someone, you know this means trash and dishwasher duty. In a vendor/client relationship, it’s providing essential information in a timely manner and keeping track of due dates and deadlines.

Regular date nights

We call them project update meetings. Take time to take a meeting to ensure the project is moving along as anticipated and discuss any hiccups along the way. We never want to spend so much time “making the sale,” and then forget to reach out once the contract is signed. That’s just wrong!

Meet through mutual friends

There’s a baseline of mutual commonality if the relationship is the result of a referral, on either side. You share a common interest … use it to learn more about the other one!

Kiss five times a day

Okay, maybe not appropriate in the client/vendor environment BUT regular communication with project updates, checking in, discussing new team members, etc. works wonders on both sides of the relationship.

Perhaps one word – communication – is the most key ingredient for a mutually beneficial and respectful relationship. Communication makes “a relationship” a relationship!

If you’re seeking a mutually beneficial relationship with an audio visual integration, design and installation company, contact us to schedule a free consultation. And we promise to call you in the morning!

About Electronic Evolutions – a Certified WBE Audio Visual Integrator 

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