Electronic Evolutions Proud to Support Integrating Women Leaders

For Electronic Evolution’s Senior Account Executive Missy Apple Knotts, it all started seven years ago. She was a stay-at-home-mom of 12 years, raising three boys and planning to re-enter the workforce. She happened across an article by well-known Indianapolis business leader, Marsha Barnes, and was instantly inspired by her strong leadership background and career success.

“As I rejoined the workforce as an account executive with e2, I knew I wanted to hit the road running, be deliberate about my career goals and invest in myself along the way. I was energized by Marsha’s words and story. I knew I just had to talk to her. I Googled her number and cold called. To my surprise, she called me back and agreed to sit down and talk with me about her journey. That meeting was the launch of my strong start back into the workforce,” said Knotts.

Shortly after meeting with Barnes, Knotts came to the realization that to obtain her career success goals, she had to stand shoulder to shoulder with like-minded women in leadership and continually work on herself and improving her own personal brand. Subsequently, Knotts sought out Indianapolis-based Integrating Woman Leaders, Inc. (IWL) and its President and Co-Founder, Jennifer Browning Holmes, to see how she could get involved on the ground level of the organization as a volunteer as a way to link with local women in leadership.

IWL was in its second year when the two first spoke. Its annual conference took place on the floor of Bankers Life Fieldhouse. That year Knotts volunteered for the event and fully experienced all IWL had to offer. She fell in love. She had found the like-minded women leaders she had sought since reading the article featuring Marsha Barnes.

However, she soon realized that IWL needed her as much as she needed them. They were having technology challenges that were greatly hindering their ability to effectively communicate their powerful message to their audience.

Deep-rooted in the AV industry with a theater background and certified as an audio visual solutions provider for Indianapolis-based e2, Knotts easily identified that IWL’s audiovisual and multimedia technologies were not in sync with the organization’s message of excellence and empowerment. She rolled up her sleeves and found audio-visual solutions (including Indiana-based Clear Sound Design) for IWL — like each and every day for her e2 clients.

“My dad always said, ‘Leave a place better than you found it.’ It’s that way with people too. I take care of my clients. I’m actually fierce about it. I feel the same about IWL,” she said. “The women I have met through IWL have been instrumental in challenging me to raise my own personal bar and grow. They consistently inspire me to be better in all I do. I’m honored to get to give back to them through my audiovisual expertise.”

Missy currently serves on the IWL board and is the executive producer of the IWL Foundation’s Women’s Leadership conferences. She ensures the transitions within the conference are smooth and that IWL’s messaging is on point, engaging and in a concise format. Most importantly, that there are no technical difficulties distracting anyone, and there is that certain “wow factor” throughout the entire conference. All things right up her alley.

The IWL Indianapolis Conference is now in its eighth year, scheduled for August 31, 2017, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the JW Marriott. Click here to register. Why not join Missy and explore building your best self?

Hear more about Knotts’ unique leadership story – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PvqPFiR6aq8

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Disclaimer: Due to Knotts participation as an executive producer of the IWL Foundation’s Women’s Leadership conferences, e2 has received the in-kind sponsorship level. e2 is not a vendor of IWL or the Women’s Leadership Conferences.