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Video Wall Display – A Featured e2 Solution

Video walls can produce visually stunning displays, allow for larger than life digital signage and provide the key solution for sharing large amounts of information seamlessly. e2 partner Christie Digital’s video wall display products are the visual solution for monitoring, controlling or interacting with information, allowing integration and control of all information sources and full […]

Six Reasons to Use the Pexip Video Conferencing Platform

Enterprise-quality video conferencing has traditionally been very expensive, complex to manage, difficult to use, and hard to scale to more than a handful of users. Recently, e2 chose Pexip as our go-to product solution for video conferencing and employee collaboration. The company was founded on the idea of greatly improving and revolutionizing the way people work and collaborate visually. […]

What’s All This About “The Cloud”?

With a tip of the hat to Saturday Night Live’s beloved Miss Emily Litella, “What’s all this about The Cloud?” Those of us who deal in technology daily know the concept of “the cloud” is nothing new. Off-site hosting for services have existed for a long time. Technology Review dates the concept back to 1996 when […]

Proactively Plan for AV Technologies

Everyone agrees that today’s conference rooms and boardrooms should be well equipped with easy-to-use audio-visual technology that allows meeting participants to work both efficiently and collaboratively. Surprisingly, AV is often an after thought of conference room and boardroom design.  The big table is bought, the cabinetry is complete and … “Oh yeah, where are we […]

Collaborative Work Environments Require Innovative Technologies

The way in which we work and live has evolved at an astonishing speed during the last decade. As people – particularly the influential millennial generation — rally around “new urbanism” and walkable neighborhoods in their personal lives, they are also seeking a different kind of workspace.  A recent survey by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), […]

2014 Annual Tech Showcase

It’s not every day that our clients get to mingle with our entire team of sales and design professionals while seeing first hand the latest in audio visual innovation. But that day IS November 6. Mark your calendars and join us for hors d’ouevres, cocktails and music as we host our Second Annual Tech Showcase […]

Anacore Synthesis Video Touch Wall Installation

electronic evolutions recently completed a project installing an Anacore Synthesis video touch wall at a military base in Indiana. The Bridge Room, designed with leading-edge technology, features a 2 x 6 multi touch video wall. The system’s matrix switcher allows for the wall to show 12 individual displays at once, as well as one single view. […]

Redefine Your Communication and Collobaration

Prysm and Anacore have joined forces — so you can redefine the way you communicate and collaborate Following a 2014 acquisition, Indianapolis-based Anacore became a wholly owned subsidiary of Prysm Inc. Prysm’s Cascade Collaboration Solutions are now powered by Anacore’s Syntheis software for enhanced workflow and collaboration. Businesses, universities and governments use Cascade solutions to […]

Sound Masking for Corporate Environments: The Essentials and The Benefits of Controlled Noise

With open office plans, private offices and public spaces, keeping a distraction-free environment that is conducive to productivity as well as speech privacy, is not always possible, depending on the amount of reflective surfaces in your space. Dealing with uncontrollable sound, or pitch silence, is paramount for encouraging a work environment that is safe and […]