Online Tech Shopping: When Savings Cost You Double

Raise your hand if you’ve said “I can get this cheaper on online” lately. We hear you, and our hands are up too. Who doesn’t love a good deal?

It’s no surprise, then, when organizations looking to upgrade their tech capabilities — say, video conferencing, digital signage, sound masking, audio visual tools — take to discount online retailers to keep costs low, just like we all do with phone cases, socks, and baby wipes.

The surprising part comes when, upon closer examination, that fancy tech tool is cobbled together with counterfeit parts, meaning you can expect three things:

  1. subpar performance and/or early malfunction
  2. zero manufacturer support
  3. having to duplicate your spend to replace the dud with a legit tool that works

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Researchers: Customer Experience is the New Battlefield

Buyer behavior has changed, and brands that fail to change with it will see its profits sink, say researchers.

In today’s market, it’s the customer experience — not cost, quality, appearance, or other factors — that influence most buying decisions, and “the only truly durable competitive advantage,” argues Jake Sorofman, former research VP for Gartner.

It’s not a matter of opinion. Pull together findings from countless studies, surveys, and self-reported brand data, and the outcome is the same: Today’s buyers want every interaction to be connected, relevant and convenient, reports Salesforce. Read more

What Makes Us Different from Other Indianapolis AV Integrators?

There’s no doubt: There’s a whole lot of competition in the audio-visual industry and especially among Indianapolis AV integrators. So, what sets us apart from the rest?
  1. We’re a trusted advisor, not a warehouse. After a deep dive into your business and space, we propose what you need versus what we need to unload. We’re not installing last year’s model because we need to get it out of our warehouse.
  2. You buy it, you own it. We never hold your equipment codes for ransom; you are free to make the updates and changes you need as you see fit.
  3. We’re local. No corporate hoop jumping here. We are a locally owned, 30+ year old company. Contact us today for a free consultation!

Meeting Rooms of the Future: Faster Decision-Making, Reduced Waste

How do you counter dwindling attention spans, connectivity snafus, tech glitches during crucial pitches, and collaboration where most business decisions happen: remotely? In a not-so-distant future, meeting rooms will use your staff and clients’ digital habit to your advantage, enabling faster decision-making, richer collaborations, instant access and payoff.

It’s not just a matter of opinion, but a phenomenon evidenced by studies at home and abroad. In this post, we highlight findings of two research projects: the “Meeting Room of the Future” study by the International Association of Conference Centers (IACC), and “Future Meeting Space” research by the European Association of Event Centres, Fraunhoffer Institute of Industrial Engineering, and German Convention Bureau. Read more

Best Tech from InfoComm 2017

The Best of InfoComm Every year in June, audio-visual professionals gather at InfoComm, the largest professional AV trade show in North America, featuring the latest technologies for audio, video, display, projection, lighting and staging, digital signage, conferencing, digital content creation, networking, and signal distribution. Representatives from Electronic Evolutions make a point of attending the event to […]

Visitec to Demonstrate Newest Audio Visual Technology in Indianapolis

Electronic Evolutions and Visitec invites current and future clients to experience the latest trends in techology through a functional demo room featuring a wide range of solutions from various manufacturers. The event is scheduled for March 21 and requires an appointment.

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Communications Technology Integrator Seeks Long-Term Relationship

With Valentine’s Day 2017 in the rearview mirror, we’ve read more than our share of relationship articles over the course of the last few weeks. But have you ever noticed that those things that make for a good, romantic relationship also make for a good professional relationship between vendor and client?

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Is Your Conference Room a Presentation Technology Danger Zone?

When members of your organization work for weeks putting together a presentation — whether pitching new business or presenting to the board of directors — one thing is for certain: All your efforts are for naught if your presentation technology fails. As one of Central Indiana’s leading audio visual technology experts, Electronic Evolutions’ design and installation pros work with companies to ensure success every time the AV is enacted — from small huddle spaces to large conference rooms.

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Update Workplace Technology with Indianapolis Audio Visual Experts Electronic Evolutions

Don’t look now, but the end of 2016 is fast approaching. The year has evolved with bring-your-own-device becoming standard operating procedure among your workforce. More meetings are taking place via teleconference. You need an office space makeover, stat.

So, why not take a cue from our clients who spend in the fourth quarter to lessen their EOY tax burden, and start 2017 with a workplace that better suits the needs of your workforce?

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Planar Touch Screen Monitors Offer Versatile Digital Display Solutions

Planar Touch Screen Monitors Offer Versatile Digital Display Solutions From desktop touch screen monitors to large, fully annotated digitial displays, the audio visual experts at Electronic Evolutions say Planar’s line of touch screen monitors offer numerous options for retail, corporate, education and museum environments.