Planar Touch Screen Monitors Offer Versatile Digital Display Solutions

Planar Touch Screen Monitors Offer Versatile Digital Display Solutions From desktop touch screen monitors to large, fully annotated digitial displays, the audio visual experts at Electronic Evolutions say Planar’s line of touch screen monitors offer numerous options for retail, corporate, education and museum environments.

Planar Display Technology Event in Indianapolis

Preview the Latest Amazing Display Technology 

Experience the latest trends in audio visual technology including Planar’s “LookThru” series of interactive digital displays, its ultra HD LCD displays and Leyard’s CarbonLight solutions for rental and staging environments

Dates — July 28 and 29
Open House Hours — 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
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Transform Your Company Culture with Digital Signage

Does your workplace look like a scene out of “Office Space?” … without the stapler and zero corporate culture? You might want to rethink that. Developing a corporate culture provides the keys to attracting, retaining and engaging today’s workforce. It doesn’t take a ping-pong lounge with bean bag chairs and micro-brews in the fridge. Even something like digital signage can help build a corporate culture.

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The Rise of Digital Signage: Function + Flash

Digital signage – your new corporate norm.

Traditional lobbies and waiting areas have been home to a desk, a receptionist, a fern and a few chairs. This dated concept is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Digital signage is the new corporate norm.

These spaces are now “first impression centers” where function and flash are uniting in the form of digital signage. While there is a still a utilitarian use for digital signs (think hospitals, law firms or airports) many corporate purchasers want to make an impact. They use digital signage technology as art and enticement for future tenants (think commercial leasing).

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