Visitec to Demonstrate Newest Audio Visual Technology in Indianapolis

Electronic Evolutions and Visitec invites current and future clients to experience the latest trends in techology through a functional demo room featuring a wide range of solutions from various manufacturers. The event is scheduled for March 21 and requires an appointment.

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Our Top Five (Real Office) A/V Picks from InfoComm 2016

I’m sure you’ve read 10 different articles and 100 tweets about “the coolest thing at #InfoComm16.” After all that, you’re probably wondering how the “cool things” relate to solving your audio visual and integrated communication technology needs back at the office. We hear you.

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Faster & Smarter Video Collaboration: The Prysm Solution

Demo day went mobile this month with a visit to Prysm’s Indianapolis customer experience center. On display? The visual workplace. Prysm’s solution features the ability to display, resize, position and annotate streaming video, web apps, documents, presentations, images and inputs from laptops, tablets and mobile devices. All with a simple, yet stunning touch interface. But it’s what you don’t see with the Prysm solution that sets it apart from the crowd.

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Extron Announces New Generation of Cable Cubby Enclosures

Extron‘s Cable Cubby line of products has been out for several years and the products have helped installers to neatly configure power and AV connectivity in a variety of business environments.

The Skinny: Just after the 2013 Thanksgiving holiday, Extron announced its new updated Cable Cubby Series/2 line of products that offer a number of improvements over the original product series.

The Specs: Extron says the AV and power cable enclosures are engineered to streamline and facilitate access to cabling connections in spaces where real estate is at a premium. The new Cable Cubby Series/2 products incorporate the company’s many years of experience in product design for these applications, and they include an integrated clamping system that secure the products to furniture. They are available in a choice of black anodized or brushed aluminum finishes to complement an array of interior spaces.

Extron adds the product line is available in two versions: the Cable Cubby 1200 for single user applications and the Cable Cubby 1400 for multi-user applications.

Solutions The Cable Cubby Series/2 products can be installed into government buildings, offices and other environments

Barco Adds to ClickShare Solutions with CSM Base Unit

Barco delivers new option for wireless collaboration in meeting rooms.

Barco has added to its ClickShare wireless presentation and collaboration system solutions with the CSM Base Unit.

The CSM Base Unit displays images up to full HD resolution through its HDMI or VGA output. It is also fully compatible with the ClickShare Button as well as free iOS and Android apps.

A CSM set consists of the base unit and two ClickShare buttons. One user can share on-screen at a time while eight buttons, ready to share, can be connected wirelessly to the base unit.

“For the introduction of the CSM Base Unit we’ve made extensive use of the capabilities of AWIND, the Taiwanese technology-leader that Barco acquired earlier this year,” says Guy Coen, General Manager Collaboration. “This new base unit combines the many years of experience of both design teams to offer a new ClickShare experience. As it is within most meeting room budgets, a whole new range of professionals will discover ClickShare, making the system an essential part of any meeting room’s equipment.”

The CSM Base Unit joins the CSC Base Unit in the ClickShare portfolio to provide users with a wider selection of solutions. When selecting a system, Barco recommends the CSC Base Unit for users who require higher resolution, a double screen setup, or multiple users on the central screen at the same time.

Vaddio Introduces Complete Unified Communications Meeting Room Solutions for Laptop and Tablet Computers: the GroupSTATION and HuddleSTATION

The Bring Your Own Device Solution is Finally Here and Easier Than Ever

Vaddio introduces two new Unified Communications room solutions designed for mobile laptop or tablet users to enable their computer applications for group collaboration and presentation meetings.

By just connecting a laptop or tablet directly into the GroupSTATION or HuddleSTATION dock users can add HD video, wideband audio microphones and a loudspeaker system to their collaboration and presentation software.

“After launching our EasyUSB products last year, we knew the Bring-Your-Own-Device revolution was going to change how people used their meetings rooms,” explained CEO of Vaddio, Rob Sheeley. “In today’s world, connecting a mobile device into a meeting room’s AV system is one of the biggest pains – and it shouldn’t be. HuddleSTATION and GroupSTATION now empower users to simply connect their mobile device to the dock and open their application of choice to start a meeting, presentation or video call.”

GroupSTATION consists of two main components:  a table-based MicPOD dock and a wall-mounted sound bar that incorporates an HD camera in its center.

The MicPOD Dock functions as a microphone, speakerphone, user interface and Laptop/Tablet dock for easy connection. Four microphones, each with its own independent acoustic echo canceller, provide a 360-degree pickup pattern. Vaddio’s SmartMIC technology ensures that crystal clear audio is maintained for far-end participants with hands-free operation. PC or tablet connections include HDMI or VGA to locally extend the PC’s display output to the room display.

The sound bar incorporates two audiophile-quality dual two-way loudspeaker systems with independent acoustically tuned enclosures. Two separate 30-watt Class-D amplifiers independently power each loudspeaker system and provide plenty of power for even the largest room applications. The integrated broadcast-quality HD camera features a 19x optical zoom lens and a Quick-Set manual Pan/Tilt adjustment for easy camera set up. System power, Ethernet network, HDMI and MicPOD dock connectors are all located on the back of the sound bar. A unique wall mounting system with an integrated cable tray provides for an easy, clean installation.

Vaddio’s HuddleSTATION is identical to the GroupSTATION, but is tailored for smaller meeting rooms typically designed to accommodate 4-6 people. As a result, HuddleSTATION has a very wide-angle (82-degree) camera lens specifically designed for the challenges of getting everyone in the camera shot. Also, the MicPOD dock microphone audio system has been tuned to eliminate the echo and increased room noise that occurs in smaller spaces.


Crestron AirMedia™ delivers wireless AV presentation from any mobile device

AirMedia provides wireless presentation, collaboration and content sharing from any smart phone, tablet or laptop

Crestron will introduce AirMedia™, its all-new wireless HD presentation solution for small meeting rooms, at InfoComm® 2013 in Orlando, June 12-14. Featuring simple plug-and-play installation, AirMedia brings presentation, collaboration and content sharing capabilities to small conference rooms, huddle rooms, and offices that aren’t wired for an AV system. AirMedia enables anyone to walk into a room, connect to the existing display over Wi-Fi®, and wirelessly present HD content from their personal smart phone, tablet, or laptop.

“AirMedia turns any room or space into a productive environment by enabling small groups to connect their personal devices wirelessly to the room display and begin collaborating immediately,” said Fred Bargetzi, Crestron VP of Technology. “For IT staff, a simple Ethernet connection from the AirMedia console to the LAN is all that’s needed and your room is ready to go. No additional software, AV equipment or control system is needed.”

AirMedia offers many benefits for today’s team-oriented workplaces such as:

• Wirelessly present audio and video content to a room display, or view remotely from a personal smartphone, tablet or laptop

• Collaborate and share content from up to four personal devices simultaneously on one room display

• Inexpensive out-of-the-box solution that easily connects to the network – ideal for smaller spaces where an advanced AV system is not practical

• Integrates with Crestron DigitalMedia™ for the ultimate HD solution

Instant connectivity
There are three easy ways to present wirelessly with AirMedia:

• Use a laptop and follow the onscreen instructions. Enter the web address displayed on the splash screen to begin a presentation. No pre-installed software is required. This is especially useful for small to mid-size organizations and guest presenters.

• Download the free app to use on a personal mobile device, such as an iPhone® or iPad, to instantly connect to AirMedia. Simply select the file to present on the room display and then swipe through slides on the mobile device.

• For large enterprise applications, IT can push the client executable to all laptops simultaneously via the network.

Group collaboration
AirMedia allows up to 32 users to connect at the same time in the same room. Simply switch from one presenter to the next using the onscreen button. Collaboration is also easy. Using Quad View, up to four presenters’ content can be displayed simultaneously. Remote View allows participants in other locations to log in from a Web browser to view the presentation.

AirMedia integrates with Crestron DigitalMedia™control systems, and capture devices as part of a complete enterprise-wide AV distribution solution.

To see Crestron AirMedia and many other new products in action, visit Crestron booth #2900 at the Orlando County Convention Center, June 12-14.

Learn more about Crestron Enterprise Building Management Solutions on display at InfoComm 2013.

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AMX Wows Market with Enzo, the Simplest, Fastest Way to Access, Present and Share Information during Meetings

Meeting Room Game Changer Significantly Reduces the Hassles, Maintenance and Costs Associated with Meeting Room PCs

ORLANDO, Florida – June 12, 2013 – At InfoComm 2013, AMX unveiled Enzo™, a revolutionary meeting room solution that makes presenting and sharing information easy, quick and completely painless. Imagine being able to access, present and share information in mere seconds rather than having to go through the painstaking obstacle course of powering up the PC, logging in, accessing the network, and so on. And when your meeting is over, with Enzo, there’s no logging out, no system updating to wait on and all files are instantly purged so there’s no chance of them being left on the machine or accessible to someone else. That is the promise that Enzo delivers.

Enzo takes away the hassles associated with retrieving content needed for presentations that might be stored on a USB or cloud drive, a web page or really just about anywhere. Unlike a PC, when you need to access information, everything is basically instant – instant on, instant access, instant sharing and instant file purge. You’ll also have the added convenience of instant control and automation, just by connecting Enzo to an AMX control system. And similar to other solutions in the AMX ecosystem, Enzo will be a refreshing addition for your IT department because it eliminates PC-related maintenance costs and annoyances like viruses, OS updates, login requirements, and guest network access requests.

And meeting attendees no longer have to physically bring their files to the meeting. With Enzo, they now have the option of loading their files to a Dropbox cloud folder before the meeting. Then during the meeting, users can simply scan a QR code to access, present and share presentation documents. When the presentation is over, there are never any worries about files remaining on the machine or someone else having access to them – the link to the Dropbox folder is broken, purging the files.

Availabilty and Additional Details
Enzo is being demonstrated June 12 – 14 in AMX Booth 2216 during InfoComm 2013, being held in Orlando, Florida. Enzo is expected to ship December 2013. For further details, we invite you to visit these online resources:


About AMX
AMX hardware and software solutions simplify the implementation, maintenance, and use of technology to create effective environments. With the increasing number of technologies and operating platforms at work and home, AMX solves the complexity of managing this technology with reliable, consistent and scalable systems. Our award-winning products span control and automation, system-wide switching and audio/video signal distribution, digital signage and technology management. They are implemented worldwide in conference rooms, homes, classrooms, network operation / command centers, hotels, entertainment venues, broadcast facilities, among others.

AMX was founded in 1982 and is a member of the Duchossois Group of Companies. For more information, visit