Network Infrastructure Best Practices from Installation Pros Electronic Evolutions

While it might not have the allure of breath-taking video walls or the coolness of collaborative work spaces, network infrastructure is the foundation for all things technology in your organization. As one of Central Indiana’s leading audio visual technology experts, our Electronic Evolutions installation pros have seen their share of what can best be described as “network cable horror stories.”

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What’s All This About “The Cloud”?

With a tip of the hat to Saturday Night Live’s beloved Miss Emily Litella, “What’s all this about The Cloud?”emily litella

Those of us who deal in technology daily know the concept of “the cloud” is nothing new. Off-site hosting for services have existed for a long time. Technology Review dates the concept back to 1996 when Compaq Computer executives gazed into a crystal ball envisioning taking all business software to the Web as they talked of  “cloud computing-enabled applications,” i.e. consumer file storage. Read more